Quality and Services

Som Shiva (Impex) Limited embarked on its journey towards success in 1989 with ‘Simpex’.It was a time when plastic was increasingly replacing traditional materials. The privately owned polymer company owes its success to the patronage of renowned companies, Sintex Industries Limited & Bharat Vijay Mills Limited.

Manufacturer of
Black, Colour & Fibre Grade

Engineering Plastics
compounds & alloys

Injection Moulded

Simpex are always open to new corporates, for joint venture in the field of Plastic Manufacturing

We owe our customer satisfaction & prompt services to our quality management system, which consists of highly qualified and experienced technocrats for Quality Assurance & Testing Facilities.

A state-of-the-art Quality Lab and world class Testing Facilities are
Physical Testing Instruments

• Melt flow index tester - CEAST
• Density meter
• Moisture analyser - OHAUS
• Muffle furnace
• Spectrophotometer - X-RITE
• Spin boy
• Filter test - LABTECH
• Gelimat - DRAISWERKE
• Air circulating oven
• Microscope
• Melting point apparatus
• Two roll mill for film

masterbatch dispersion

• Carbon black content tester
• Lab film plant
• Lab scale extruder - COPERION ZSK

Thermal Testing Instruments

• Glow wire tester
• Flammability chamber
• Oxygen index tester

Mechanical Testing Instruments

• Izod impact tester with motorized

notched cutter - CEAST
• Universal testing machine - INSTRON
• Injection moulding machine with ASTM standard moulds

Electrical Testing Instruments

• Comparative tracking index tester
• Arc resistance tester
• Di-electric strength tester
• Conductivity meter
• Earthing resistance tester

Other Instruments

• QUV accelerated weatherometer - ATLAS
• Sieve analyser
• Humidity chamber
• Cold chamber to test at lower temperature upto - 30 °C

  • Black masterbatch

    img Simpex is a distinctive manufacturer of versatile and progressive Black Masterbatch with upto 50% of Carbon Loading. In addition to industrial standards, Simpex also offers products with special technical properties and of high quality.
  • Colour masterbatch

    img Increasing demands for innovation and tighter cost control are clear features of a highly dynamic polymer market. Consequently flexibility and originality are becoming important factors for success.

  • Fibre Grade masterbatch

    img Simpex is expanding its spectrum by developing masterbatches for dope dyeing of polypropylene, polyamide and polyester multifilament yarn/fibres. We have the most sophisticated R&D set up which are best in the industry. Read More...
  • Engineering Plastics Compounds

    img Today, demands of Engineering Plastic (EP) materials are not only high, but also highly differentiated and constantly growing. The basic properties of polymeric materials do not meet these demands and therefore have to be modified and refined. These plastic formulations can be achieved using a wide range of Simpex’s EP Compounds. Read More...
  • Injection Moulding

    img Today, our Injection Moulding Unit is serving the entire products range of Sintex Industries Limited, as an in-house moulding facility. Simpex was setup to fulfil a gap in the market by providing plastic moulded components. Since its inception Simpex has always emphasised in manufacturing quality plastic Read More...
  • Fibre Grade masterbatch

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